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Why Are Dental Checkup Important

dentist Los Angeles patient

Just like regular medical check-ups, dental check-ups are essential for your overall health. Visiting the dentist’s office twice a year may not be an anticipated event, but it is one that you need in order to maintain your current health intact or to prevent your current health problem from further progressing. You might not be […]

Teeth Whitening Is Popular In Our Dental Office

teeth whitening in Los Angeles

Teeth whitening has become increasingly convenient as there are numerous procedures that you can choose from to healthy white teeth. While each method has its degree of effectiveness and long-lasting results, everyone must consider which approach is best for them. Our office also offers Zoom Teeth Whitening about which you can find more information here. […]

How To Overcome Dental Phobia and Dentist Anxiety

A sense of apprehension often consumes a person before they are going to visit the dentist. Many people actually fear going to the dentist because of horror stories they may have heard from another person, embarrassment, or a bad experience they may have gone through themselves. But if your oral health is being compromised because […]

Dentist Los Angeles Long Time Patient Eric

We Love our Patients in Los Angeles When our patients smile it makes our hearts happy! We are a dental office in Los Angeles and we are a pain-free, stress-free and affordable dentist. Los Angeles Dentists New Image Dental accepts all PPO insurance plans including Metlife, Delta Denta, Humana, Cigna, Aetna, Guardian, and others. We […]

Dental Implants at Low Cost?

If dental implants are applied correctly, the success rate is high. Having cheap dental implants can bring health risks. For a successful dental implant procedure, expertise, teamwork, and quality oral care must be provided to the patient. Dental Implants Los Angeles New Image Dental is a dental implant specialist located in Los Angeles. Our office […]

Options Teeth Whitening

What Options Are Available for Teeth Whitening? Selecting the procedure of teeth whitening might be the answer for enhancing a smile in a non-evasive, quick way. Teeth whitening often referred to as “bleaching”, is available to satisfy the needs, budget, and permitted time of every individual planning on whitening their teeth. Whether it is with […]

Laser vs Traditional Dentistry

Laser Dentistry Los Angeles The medical world has had many advancements throughout the years, including in the dentistry field. Technological advances have made dental services more effective, appealing, pain-free, and convenient to the public. Many people fear what they do not know and just like with laser dentistry, many people may be reluctant to use […]

Teeth Cleanings and Your Health

Teeth cleaning is recommended by dentists and most dental associations every six months. By regular dental checkups, you can reduce the chances of gum disease, the build-up of plaque, and the appearance of cavities. How Long Does a Teeth Cleaning Take? The average time a teeth cleaning takes is around 30 minutes. You just have […]

Root Canal Myths and The Real Truth

Root canal treatment necessary has been growing increasingly in the last few years. Although root canal treatment helps restore the health of a tooth, many people have adopted a preconception that root canals will cause them more pain or will worsen their case. Due to these misconceptions, people avoid seeking help for their teeth problems […]