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Zoom teeth whitening enables gorgeous smile that can speak a thousand words… A procedure that has begun to gain popularity for the lightening of enamel and dentin is known as ‘Zoom’.

Discoloration of a person’s teeth can result from a number of contributing factors including smoking, drinking coffee, sodas, red wines, or tea. In addition, as the person ages, the years may work as a counterproductive element to the individual’s teeth by darkening and staining their teeth.

When you go to a dental office to undergo the Zoom procedure, a device to speed up the bleaching process will be used, known as Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp. Your teeth structure would not be changed because once the hydrogen peroxide (25%) is broken down, the enamel and dentin will receive oxygen that will lighten the stained areas of your teeth.

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A New Image Dental patient before and after Zoom Teeth Whitening

This is one of the many advancements in dental medicine that has made the lives and smiles of many individuals improved. If you believe that Zoom is for you, then consult with a dentist from New Image Dental in Los Angeles that specializes in Zoom practice.

A dentist will examine your gums and teeth to ensure that your oral health is adequate to undergo this procedure. We need to make you are healthy before by undergoing this procedure, that is why we make sure that you are the perfect candidate. We care about you!

Dental Treatment Plan and Scheduling a Visit

As mentioned before, if you would like to undergo this procedure, you will need to consult your Los Angeles dentist to do a full examination of your mouth and to speak about the benefits that this tooth whitening method can have on your lifestyle habits.

By taking this initiative, you will be able to decide which technique and a whitening product is the best for your current situation. In addition, if you are thinking about doing other cosmetic dental measures (e.g. composite bonding or veneers) or are removing braces, your dentist may have you go through the whitening process to make your natural dentition and restoration a better match.

Whitening your teeth may not be the best option for you if you have specific goals or have a condition in your mouth. For this reason, it is vital that a qualified Zoom dental professional examines your mouth thoroughly and any existing dental work that you may have that might not respond well to teeth whitening.

How Does the Zoom Procedure Work?

Before undergoing the Zoom procedure, we recommend that you have regular teeth whitening session beforehand. The Zoom procedure is very quick; takes less than one hour.

Your dentist will cover your gums and lips, while only leaving your teeth unprotected; this is to ensure that your gums and lips do not get bleached in the process. Once they have covered up your gums and lips, the dental assistant or your dentist will place the Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel on your teeth for 15-minute intervals that will work alongside the Zoom light.

The light will help penetrate your teeth and the gel will work to clear the discoloration and stains. During that wait, you can relax and even listen to music. The 15- minute session will be done three times, for a total of 45 minutes. Some individuals may not be able to go through the entire process because they might suffer from anxiety or gag reflexes, but do not worry, we try to make our patients as worry-free as possible. Once the 45 minutes have passed, they will apply a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste-gel on your teeth.

How Do I Maintain My Teeth After Zoom Whitening?

Your dentist will provide you with all the necessary information to maintain your current white smile. In addition, a Zoom-touch-up-kit will be given to you to use at your home, which will have whitening trays that are custom-fit for your teeth. Your dentist will tell you of the foods you shouldn’t have that can affect your Zoom procedure like coffee, teas, and other staining foods and beverages.

Also, if you are a smoker, your dentist may tell you to stop smoking because tobacco products will stain your teeth regardless of having had whitening treatments. Similarity, maintaining a proper oral hygiene is essential. Your dentist might advise you to use whitening toothpaste.

Things to Consider About Zoom

With anything in life, there are always some positive and negative aspects to the decisions we make. The same goes for choosing Zoom. There are certain things that should be considered and only then can you outweigh the pros and cons.

  • Experiencing sensitivity during the process; which is why the sensitivity gel is applied afterward
  • Minor tingling may be experienced but almost always goes away
  • Those under the age of 13 are not recommended for this procedure
  • Lactating or pregnant woman should not undergo this treatment
  • Results will vary; you might not get the results you want because not everyone obtains the same effect

How Much Will Zoom Cost Me?

In most cases, dental insurance does not cover most cosmetic dentistry treatments. This means that you might have to pay out-of-pocket for a better and whiter smile. It is worth it, right? Definitely!

You may be able to speak with your dentist to schedule a payment plan or financing that may seem more reasonable for you, but if this is something you want, we suggest you take action at a whiter smile today. Remember, the average time for this procedure is just one hour, but the time-frame varies from case to case.

Los Angeles Dental Office

When they leave our dental office with a brighter, healthier smile, we have accomplished our goal. Contact our skilled team today to see if Zoom is the best method for you. We have a team of qualified dentists in Los Angeles and dental assistants that work hard to achieve the greatest smile possible. A better smile means a healthier you.

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Talk to us, your Los Angeles dentist from New Image Dental about the realistic results and length it could take to achieve the outcome you have set out to have.

If you have any questions about teeth whitening, we are always available to address any concerns! We want you to have a more appealing and healthier smile.

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