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Majority of people suffers from bad breath or have some type of gum disease and not aware of it. See your dentist for regular check up and cleaning appointment.

What causes bad breath?

When food particles get trapped in the creases and grooves of your teeth & especially on the fissures of the tongue and become nutrition for bacteria. It is then that they release gaseous waste products that cause foul-smelling odors known as volatile compounds.

Sometimes bad breath comes from eating foods such as garlic & onions. It can also just be a case of morning breath. As we sleep, saliva production is decreased and this allows bacteria to proliferate. This result is morning breath. Then there is halitosis. This is a longer lasting type of bad breath.

Up to 90% of oral bad breath odor originates at the back of your tongue. In addition to the normal accumulation of bacteria found here, (back of the tongue), millions of people suffer from post-nasal drip, sometimes without being aware of it. This is the mucus that drips down onto the back of the tongue is broken down by you mouth’s tongue, causing even more odor.


Dry mouth, also called xerostomia, causes bad breath. Aside from causing bad breath, it can lead to tooth decay and gum disease because saliva flow helps clean and shield the mouth and teeth. Over the counter artificial saliva replacements helps some patients. Others have found that chewing sugar-free gum or having sugar-free candy helps prevent the mouth from drying out by increasing saliva production. Certain medications, such as for diabetes, can also cause dry mouth.

When you diet stomach fluids call ketones are produced which gives off an odor. This odor is distinct, pungent, and unavoidable under many diets. Smoking is also a major culprit because it dries out your mouth and leaves a foul-smelling residue. Just like smoking, alcohol dries out your mouth and prevents saliva from keeping bacteria in check. A very small percentage of bad breath offenders are suffering from serious sickness, such as liver problems, cancer, or tonsillitis.

How to fix bad breath?

Here are some tips on how to fight bad breath.
1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably three times, and floss too. And don’t forget to scrape your tongue because that’s where most of the bacteria that cause bad breath live.
2. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. (helps produce saliva)
3. Cut down on coffee and dark juices! soda. (causes stains on teeth)
4. Eat more fresh foods & vegetables. Remember, carrots and apples naturally help clean your teeth and breath, and chewing on mint also does wonders. Such foods as beans, onions, and garlic produce gases that cause bad breath.
5. Chewing gum creates saliva, which creates a moist mouth, usually resulting in a better breath than a dry mouth.
6. Select an alcohol-free mouthwash by reading the labels.

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