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Taking care of your oral health is very important, because it can actually have an effect on your general health. Therefore, it is very important that you stick to an appropriate general dentistry schedule to make sure that you know about any minor issues before they become more serious. The general dentistry schedule that is recommended to you by your dentist will vary, depending on your current state of oral health. For example, if your teeth are in good condition, your dentist may not want to see you again for up to a year, however if you have a problem which needs to be monitored, then we may ask you to come in for additional check-ups every couple of months.

General dentistry to protect your overall health

Health problems in your mouth can actually affect your entire body. From things as overwhelming as oral cancer, through to seemingly simple tooth infections, your whole body can actually feel the effects of an oral health problem. For example, a wobbly tooth can cause you to inadvertently change the way that you bite, which will put different stresses and strains onto your jaw. This can then cause neck pain, headaches and even pain that descends down into the shoulders. Likewise, severe gum infections can cause sepsis which might spread through your whole body. Whilst most oral health problems will not cause serious general health issues, you are recommended to keep to an appropriate general dentistry schedule, so that you can do everything possible to avoid these issues. At New Image Dental Inglewood we offer Pain-Free and sedation dentistry schedule an appointment with our top dentist Los Angeles.

General Dentistry for cosmetic reasons

Maintaining a good general dentistry schedule will also help you to keep your smile looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Spotting potential problems before they arise will help to keep your smile sparkling. For example, your dentist will able to give you advice on changing the way that you brush, in order to prevent staining in certain areas. They allow you to take action to prevent further problems from occurring.

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