Are You Snoring? See Your Dentist

Snoring can ruin your sleep, and it can ruin your relationships. Snorers are known to sleep less soundly than non-snorers in the same demographic, because their problem is likely to wake them up many times a night, and ruin their sleep cycle.

If your snoring is not waking you up, it is almost certainly keeping your partner wide awake. Although it may seem like it like you are a lost cause, there are actually different treatments available to help to treat snoring. You may even ask your Inglewood dentist and we will help.

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How can a dentist treat snoring?

top dentist inglewoodMost of the causes of snoring originate in the mouth and if the root cause of your snoring can be identified, then that is the first step towards treating it.

Our dentists are experts in oral health, they are often the best people to talk to if you need advice on what might be causing you to snore.

One of the devices that they can provide which may be able to help you is known as a mandibular advancement device.

This closely resembles a sports mouth guard, and acts by gently forcing your lower jaw to sit in a different position whilst you are sleeping. The device helps to keep your airway open whilst you are sleeping, and can reduce the likelihood of snoring.

Alternatively, we may suggest a tongue retaining device to you, which will help to hold your tongue in the right position whilst you sleep. If your tongue slips into a position where it obstructs your airway whilst you sleep, then it can actually cause problems which are much worse than snoring.

Are there permanent dental procedures which can help?

In addition to the temporary devices which are mentioned above, your dentist at New Image Dental may also suggest orthodontic surgical processes. Treatments such as rapid maxillary expansions can help to change the way that patients breathe when they are in the lying down position.

This procedure is regularly recommended to snorers who have been categorized as having a narrow upper jaw, which can affect the way that they breathe whilst asleep.

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