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Can a Dentist Help with Bad Breath?

Bad breath (or halitosis) can be a complete personal game changer: it can affect your relationships, your work prospects, and your social life. However, for most people, bad breath is something that can be tackled with relative ease. If you find that you are struggling with a bad breath problem, get in contact with your dentist at New Image Dental, Inglewood so we can help you.

What can cause bad breath?

Bad breath is normally caused by the presence of bacteria in the mouth which can be found on your teeth, tongue, and gums. These bacteria can release gases which result in a bad smell. Food which is trapped in hard to reach places can also harbor bacteria. As the food rots away, it will also cause an unpleasant smell. Bad breath can also be a symptom of some medical conditions. One medical condition, known as xerostomia (or “dry mouth”), hampers your mouth’s ability to produce enough saliva. This can mean that your mouth is not as good at cleaning itself as it should be, and bacteria is able to build up more easily. Xerostomia can be a side effect of some medication, it can be caused by a problem with the saliva glands, and it can be caused by breathing through the mouth instead of the nose.

How can the dentist help with bad breath?

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Your dentist at New Image Dental in Inglewood will be happy to discuss your oral hygiene routine with you and suggest improvements where necessary. We will be able to point out places to you where food is more likely to get caught and can help you to adapt the way that you brush, in order to reduce these issues. Our dentist will also be capable of giving your teeth, gums, and tongue a thorough clean (or scale) to help to get rid of any bacteria which you may not be able to remove during your normal brushing cycle. If there is any tooth decay or gum disease which is causing bad breath, they can make a plan to treat this. If you have xerostomia, we will definitely be able to offer you other pain-free affordable treatment plans.

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