Pain-Free Sedation Dentistry

Pain-Free Sedation Dentist Los Angeles

The need for pain-free and sedation dentistry is obvious. For centuries, dentists had a negative reputation, because a trip to the dentist would usually mean having a painful experience. Dentists have developed their own unique place in the collective psyche, as something to be feared. Thankfully, dental techniques have vastly improved over the last few decades, and going to the dentist is a far more pleasant experience.

Some people still have an overwhelming fear of the dentist, and they would rather suffer in silence than take their toothache to be looked at. For these people, Los Angeles pain-free sedation dentistry from New Image Dental is the most viable option.

What is Pain-Free Sedation Dentistry?

Inglewood dentistPain-free sedation dentistry or “sleep dentistry” is a type of dentistry where the patient is given special medication, which is designed to help them to relax whilst they are having dental procedures.

Although most patients are not completely asleep during the procedure, general anesthetic may be administered in extreme cases. Taking this medication for pain-free sedation dentistry helps the patient to release themselves from their troubles, which will mean that their trip to the dentist will be less stressful for them. Medication can be administered in a variety of ways, depending on what your fears are. Trust your local dental team at New Image Dental for a gentle oral administration, IV or using nitrous oxide.

Is Sedation Dentistry for You?

At New Image Dental all of our staff and dentists will do everything within their power to help you to feel comfortable when you visit our dental office in Los Angeles.

Helping you feel more confident about visiting the dentist regularly and maintain your oral health.

If your dentist feels that you will benefit from pain-free sedation dentistry then the procedure will be thoroughly explained and we will schedule and appointment.

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What our clients say:

  • "They were so good and gentle that I decided to bring my 10-year-old son. I can say without hesitation that this was his best trip to the dentist. The whole family will only go to New Image Dental. "

    Richard A.Yelp User
  • "I really love this place!! This is the best dentist I have ever been to Dr.Layson is so gentle and caring and Dr.Adams always makes you feel at ease!! The front desk staff are so friendly.. I would recommend this place to everyone!!"

    Shana E.
    Shana E.Yelp Review
  • "Today I was presented with a laser technique that would possibly save my teeth without having them pulled, so I agreed. Dr. Adams was extremely attentive, and made sure that the procedure was pain free which it was."

    C N.
    C N.Los Angeles, CA