What Makes You Prone to Cavities?

Millions of Americans are prone to cavities despite taking good care of their teeth. Even with the best of oral care, your genes and other factors increase susceptibility to cavities. Here are 5 criteria that make a person more likely to get cavities that are independent of their dental hygiene:

1.      The Shape of Your Teeth

new smile los angelesCavities are most likely to occur in the back teeth—your molars and premolars. These teeth have a naturally bumpy surface that is unique to your mouth. Certain people have more crevices or “fissures” than others. The more fissures you have, the more likely that food and bacteria will build up in those teeth. X-rays help identify fissures, and your dentist may suggest using a filling or bonding to prevent a painful cavity from developing.

2.      Crowded Teeth

Overcrowding of teeth is another factor for increased cavities. Some people were born with smaller jaws or misaligned teeth. Others may have had braces to push back an underbite or overbite. No matter the source of the crowding, teeth that are close together trap more food and bacteria. Crowded teeth also make it harder to brush and floss. If your teeth are particularly close together, talk to your dentist to see if pulling teeth is an option to decrease cavities.

3.      Dry Mouth

You may not realize just how important saliva is to your mouth. Saliva neutralizes acids and helps restore enamel on your teeth. When you have dry mouth, acid builds up and creates holes in your teeth. Dry mouth can be caused by not drinking enough water, chemotherapy, exercise and a host of other sources. If you think your dry mouth may be increasing your cavities, talk to you doctor about ways to minimize this condition.

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4.      Hidden Factors in Your Diet

Sugar breaks down into the substance sucralose by bacteria in our bodies. The more sugar you consume, the more sucralose that builds up in the crevices of your teeth. Avoiding sugary treats and soda is certainly a step in maintaining proper dental health, but there’s more you can do. Foods like carbohydrates and fruits also release sugar into your bloodstream when your body is digesting. If you are prone to cavities, talk to your dentist for suggestions of foods to avoid.

5.      Gastro-intestinal Disorders

People who suffer from heartburn, esophageal spasms, frequent vomiting and other similar disorders are at risk for more cavities. The acid from digestive tract conditions is as potent as it is painful, and it can strongly damage your teeth. Talk to your healthcare provider to manage your reflux and keep your mouth healthy.

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Even if external factors make you prone to cavities, your dentist can still help. Let the expert dentists at New Image Dental give you the extensive cleaning you need and talk to them about fluoride treatments that can help reduce your cavity risk. At the same, we will talk to you about Gum disease and Periodontal disease

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