Gum Recontouring and Reshaping

Gum Recontouring and Reshaping is about health and a great smile. A great and healthy smile is not just about having beautiful teeth; your gums are vital to your look and health.

Excessive tissue in the mouth can create a “gummy smile”, which may cause that person feel self-conscious or uncomfortable about their appearance.

A “gummy smile” is caused by thick or uneven tissue which conceals much more of the tooth than normal.

Advances in modern dentistry mean that it is now easier than ever to reshape the gum line and sort this problem out for good.

Gum contouring will help you to ensure that your gums match your beautiful smile.

Benefits of Gum Reshaping

Gum reshaping and contouring will give you a better gum-to-teeth ratio. The process is to elongate the appearance of your tooth by showing more of the body of the tooth.

Reshaping will improve the symmetry of your smile if your uneven gums are causing your mouth to look asymmetrical. In addition to the cosmetic reasons for gum reshaping and contouring, the procedure is known to improve the health of your gums and your overall oral hygiene.

What to expect during a gum reshaping and contouring procedure?

pain-free dentist inglewoodTo begin your process, you will need to undergo a smile consultation. A cosmetic dentist from New Image Dental will take a look at your smile, gum details during the exam.

Gum Recontouring and Reshaping

We will then be able to create a customized treatment plan. The dentist will also use this opportunity to talk you through the process to give you peace of mind and answer any questions.

Because the process is a minimally-invasive one, you will need a local anesthetic to allow a pain-free dental process. A high precision laser will then be used on the gums to reshape them.

Your dentist will work carefully to follow plans to give you a beautifully sculpted gum line.

What is the recovery process?

For most people, recovery is swift because the surgery is only minimally-invasive. Most people do not experience any discomfort at all.

In the rare cases where discomfort is experienced, over-the-counter pain medication is good enough to relieve the symptoms.

Downtime is not needed as part of the recovery process, and almost all patients can return to their daily routine straight after they have finished their treatment.

Visit your Los Angeles dentist regularly for check-ups at least every six months.

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