How To Overcome Dental Phobia

A sense of apprehension often consumes a person before they are going to visit the dentist. Many people actually fear to go to the dentist because of horror stories they may have heard from another person, embarrassment, or from a bad experience they may have gone through themselves.

But if your oral health is being compromised because you are not visiting the dentist for your regular visits, you may be suffering from dental phobia.

In fact, about 5 to 8% of the American population have dental phobia and do not go to the dentist.

As a pain-free, stress-free dentists in Los Angeles, our motto is “We Cater to Cowards” and we recommend the following eight tracks to take in order to overcome your dental fears:

Dental Phobia and Dental Anxiety no More!

  1. Identify your fears

    You need to come to terms with your fear of going to the dentist before you can understand the feelings you are experiencing and adopting methods to address them. List down what fears you have with going to the dentist and this will help you better understand the root of your phobia.
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    In addition, you could speak with you dentists at New Image Dental and let us know about these fears. Our Inglewood dental office makes several services available to help you deal with fear and anxiety including a pain-free sedation dentistry.

  2. Look for the right dentist

    If you know you have a phobia or anxiety of visiting the dentist, it is important that you look for a dentist that has a history of treating patients who suffered from fear or anxiety. This way, you would be helped by a dentist that understands where you are coming from and can make the transition easy for you. See what some of our patients say about our services for dental patients with fears on Dentist on Yelp or our Facebook page.

  3. Communication!

    A key element in building a relationship is communication. You need to communicate your fears and anxieties to your dentist to ensure that they are able to gauge your current situation and tailor a custom plan of action that is best suited for your individual case.

    Call our office (310) 216-9600 and talk to our staff. We will explain procedures and our unique approach to dentistry.

  4. Find out ways to decrease your phobia

    A dentist that understands your phobia will not rush you into anything that you are not comfortable in doing. Find some of your familiar ways to reduce your fears and manage stress by easing into a form of treatment by receiving a milder one.

  5. Bring someone with you

    When you come in for your appointment to New Image Dental office, bring someone to tag along and for support. Having a loved one there with you can give you an additional coating of assurance that everything will be okay. Try to bring someone that is not scared of dentists themselves.

  6. Sedatives might be the answer

    If the fear is too great and you cannot handle it, sedation dentistry might often be the answer. This would keep you calm and relaxed during the procedure and show you that there is nothing to fear.

  7. Distractions are your best friend:

    During the course of your treatment, bringing a distraction with you could help shift your attention somewhere else. Some forms of distraction include: listening to music, cell phone, video games and even using a stress ball.

  8. Get rewarded:

    It is important that you reward yourself for accomplishing a treatment or overcoming your dental phobia or anxiety. Buy yourself something or go on a trip to help link dental visitations to fun events.

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