Can Children Overcome Dental Phobia

Children and Dental Phobia

Many adults and children in America are afraid of the dentist. In our dental practice, we see many adults who have been scared of the dentist since childhood.

So, many adults carry the fear well into the adulthood. We wrote about dental phobia and adults on our previous post.

The sooner a child goes over the fear hurdle the better the dental health will be. Overcoming this fear will help to improve your child’s dental hygiene.

As adults, we understand the importance of visiting the dentist regularly. Your kids must do the same. When kids fear the dentist it is known as pediatric dental anxiety.

We had a small huddle around the office in Los Angeles and came up with a few very simple tips to help you help your child to overcome their fears of the dentist.

1. Educate them, but spare them the details

Teach your children about the dentist and the importance of dental hygiene in a positive way. This helps them not to dwell on the negatives.

Trying to scare children into good dental hygiene is not a good idea. As it will create an association of fear with the dentist.

2. Do not bring your child to your appointments

Children are very perceptive and will pick up on any fear, pain or discomfort that you feel. Seeing their parent in a dentist chair will make a lasting impression on a child.

To them, it will look as though their parent is very vulnerable. The child will be reminded and will think about this every time you talk about the dentist.

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3. Talk to your dentist

Call our front desk and let your dentist at New Image Dental know a few things about your child. We will, in turn, use these things to make your child feel more at ease and more comfortable during your dental visit.

If your dentist can talk about their favorite superhero, then they must be a good guy too!

4. Avoid Bribery

Avoid offering sweets or any rewards to your child for going to the dentist. Not only will the sweets be bad for their teeth, but they will also start to associate the dentist with “a negative task that can only be overcome with rewards”.

Bribing them will have a negative effect. On the other hand, after the appointment, it is a good idea to tell your child how brave they were. Also, after the appointment, a reward will be much better received.

5. Familiarize them with the practice

Take your child into our dental office when you are booking their first appointment. Let them have a look around for a while before you leave.

If their first experience there is a positive one, then they will not be afraid when you take them back.

If you are ready to take your child for dental appointment in Los Angeles, schedule a visit with the dentist at New Image Dental in Inglewood, California today!

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