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A sparkling smile is a real winner, but if your teeth have started to lose their natural sparkle then you do not need to worry. There are plenty of options available to you if you want to restore your teeth to their natural color. See our Professional Teeth Whitening page. Also one of the best options is to contact  New Image Dental – dentist Los Angeles. These teeth whitening tips will help to keep your teeth looking pearly white.

Teeth Whitening Tips – Dentist Los Angeles

Whitening Toothpaste

Many big brands of toothpaste manufacturers sell everyday toothpaste which is designed to keep your teeth looking as white as possible.

When used regularly, these kinds of toothpaste do have a positive effect on keeping your teeth looking clean and white; however, their effect is somewhat limited.

Home Whitening Kits

Home teeth whitening kits are available from many shops and pharmacies in Los Angeles. These kits contain a mild whitening solution which you are able to use at home without professional help.

Whilst these kits can remove some staining, they are unable to fully treat heavily stained teeth because the solution which is sold only has a limited strength.

If you are using a home whitening kit, you need to make sure that you follow the instructions completely. As well as helping to protect you from harm, these instructions will help you to achieve the best possible whitening effect.

Cosmetic Whitening

The best teeth whitening effect can be achieved by visiting your cosmetic dentist New Image Dental. Because we have had proper training, they are able to use the strongest whitening solutions on teeth, which allow us to remove even the toughest of stains.

Our dental training allows us to use these solutions safely, whilst also managing to achieve all over-whitening. With home solutions, it is easy to leave some patches with uneven color and not be able to achieve the same professional results.

Dentists from New Image also have more control over what shade of white your teeth will end up, so you can choose whiter than white, or you can choose a more subtle shade for your teeth.

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Preventing Staining

To reduce staining and discoloration in future, you need to carefully consider your diet and lifestyle. Smoking is one of the leading causes of severe tooth discoloration, so quitting smoking can stop your teeth from yellowing.

Other culprits include drinking tea and coffee, drinking red wine and eating large amounts of pickled beetroot. Any food which has a strong color (or which you would be worried about spilling on your carpet!) can stain your teeth, so if your teeth are susceptible to discoloration, then you should try to avoid these substances.

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