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Bad Breath no Matter What?

by Dentist Inglewood

If you have bad breath, then it can affect you in a wide range of different ways. Many people find that their social life can be completely destroyed if they suffer from persistent bad breath.

If brushing does not work for you, then plaque on your teeth may not be the root cause of your bad breath. Learning more about what causes bad breath may help you to find alternative options which actually work for you.

What causes bad breath?

The leading cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. If bacteria are able to build up anywhere in your mouth then it will start to produce unpleasant-smelling gases. These bacteria could be on your teeth, your tongue, and on the insides of your cheeks.

This is why brushing does not always work properly. Bacteria can also hide in places where it is very hard for your toothbrush to reach. You are also likely to get bad breath if you eat foods that are pungent, like garlic, spices, and onions; however, these smells are more likely to be temporary.

Brushing does not always get rid of the smell if you are still digesting the foot.

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Crash dieting can cause bad breath as these diets cause your body to change its natural rhythm. Likewise, certain medications may have bad breath as a side effect because they may alter the way that your body works. Anything that gives you a particularly dry mouth is likely to cause bad breath.

Saliva cleans the mouth, so a lack of saliva can lead to bacteria build-up.

Alternative treatments

If brushing does not seem to be working, seek alternative treatments. You should also make sure that you brush effectively by using disclosing tablets to show where plaque remains. Make sure that you floss between your teeth and clean your tongue as well.

Your dentist may suggest a mouthwash, although not all mouthwashes are suitable for long-term use.

If you think that your problem may be caused by a dry mouth, ask your dentist if they can identify the issue, or speak to your doctor about changing medication. You should also think about your diet carefully and avoid faddy diets.

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