5 Reasons to Use Your Dental Insurance Before the Year Ends

Many of you may be unaware of is that by using your dental insurance before the year ends, you could be able to save hundreds of dollars. How? You either have a traditional calendar year dental insurance plan, or you have a fiscal calendar insurance plan.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have a traditional calendar year plan, then you are on the road to saving money and getting a better dental care!

If your dental insurance plan is run by a fiscal calendar, then you might want to continue reading to discover five reasons why you need to see a dentist before the year-end to save yourself hundreds. These are five essential reasons why:

1. Maximum Yearly Allowance

In other words, this is the maximum amount that your dental insurance will pay for your dental work in one given year. The average amount varies from insurance to insurance, but on average, dental insurances will pay around $1,000 in a year for their insurers. On a yearly calendar insurance plan, this amount renews on January 1st and if you have not used your full amount before the end of the year, that amount will not roll over, meaning you lose your insurance allowance for that year.

2. Deductible

teeth cleaning los angelesBefore your dental insurance company will pay for your services, most insurers will have a deductible that they must pay. Every plan is different, meaning that every deductible varies from case to case. On average, $50 is the deductible that most individuals will have to pay in a year. Once the plan renews on January 1st, so does the deductible.

3. Premiums

Choosing to pay for premium is entirely up to you. With premiums, there are benefits for the insurer and it is always wise to use up those benefits because you are paying for it on a monthly basis. Even if you are not experiencing any problems with your oral health, it is important to always get a check-up to ensure that there are no signs of cavities or early problems that could be immediately treated to prevent additional damage from occurring. Make an appointment with your Los Angeles dentist.

4. Fluctuating Rate

Every year is unpredictable, so are the fees and rates of services provided by dentist offices. Materials, equipment, and the cost of living varies from year to year for every business. It is possible that the fees of your dental office will increase from one year to the next and leads to your copay being higher, which is why you need to use your current rates and copay fees to see the doctor immediately because those rates might not be so appealing next year.

5. Worst Problems May Come

Delaying dental care is an action that could cause you further harm in the future. What you might think is simple bleeding from your gums today, may turn up to be gum disease later on.

This means that the treatment needed will be costlier because what was once a small problem, turned into a bigger one. Your health always comes first and having a healthy mouth is essential for your overall health. Use those benefits today and do not delay. Schedule your appointment!

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