Oral Health and What We Eat

The most common diseases of modern dentistry, tooth decay or cavities and periodontal gum disease, simply by improving your diet and understanding how can improve your smile. See a recent post on best way to Treat and Prevent Periodontal Gum Disease.

Your Diet and Oral Health

It is unsurprising to learn that the foods that you eat can affect your oral health. If you want to help to keep your teeth, gums and jaw healthy, then it is important that you understand the interaction between diet and oral health. Here is some information about diet and oral health to help you to understand what is good for your teeth and what is not. We are Los Angeles dentists located in Inglewood. Our office provides personalized care using state of the art technology and pain-free dentistry.

Drinks and Your Oral Health

drinks and your oral healthThe best things that you can drink are milk and regular water. Milk helps to give you calcium which is essential for healthy teeth and bones, whereas water can help to rinse harmful substances away from your teeth. Although fruit juice may seem like it is the healthy option, they are normally sugary or acidic, which can cause tooth decay. If you do want to drink fruit juice, then you are recommended to only drink them at meal times. Coffee is bad for your teeth because it can cause staining and discoloration. Fizzy drinks are one of the worst culprits for causing dental problems, because they are both sugary and acidic. The sugar causes decay and the acidity dissolves tooth enamel. Regular visits to your dentist for prevention of tooth decay, cavities and to keep you pain-free.

Better Food for Healthier Gums and Teeth

The foods which are bad for the rest of your body also tend to be bad for your teeth. Sugary foods encourage tooth decay, and should therefore be avoided except on special occasions. As a general rule, processed foods tend to include high levels of sugar. A diet which maintains the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals will help to keep your gums health. This is important, because gum disease can lead to bad breath and tooth loss. Foods which are high in calcium, such as yogurt and cheese are also good for your teeth. You have heard your dentist, TV Commercials, articles and the American Dental Association all talk about how food affects your tooth enamel.

Snacks – Low Sugar Content

Avoid chocolate (easier said then done), biscuits and candy as a snack, because these foods are high in sugar and have a low nutritional value. Hard sweets and things that need to be sucked on are the worst things to eat, because they keep the sugary substances in your mouth for a very long time. If you do feel hungry between meals, good snacks to choose include raw vegetable sticks, nuts, seeds and breadsticks. Fruit can be eaten but should be snacked upon less frequently, because of its high sugar content. If you do snack on fruits, try to eat something alkaline (like cheese) afterwards to neutralize it. Celery is a great snack because it acts like a natural toothbrush.

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