Laser Dentistry vs Traditional Dentistry

The medical world has had many advancements throughout the years, including in the dentistry field. The technological advances have made dental services more effective, appealing, pain-free, and convenient to the public.

Oral health and hygiene are important when trying to maintain a healthy set of teeth and gums. Visiting a dentist on an annual basis and staying up-to-date with the changes within the dentistry industry will allow you to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile that will help improve and maintain your overall health.

Laser Dentistry Los Angeles

Laser Dentist Los AngelesMany people fear what they do not know and just like with laser dentistry, many people may be reluctant to use this method because they do not comprehend the process and are unaware of the successful outcomes.

While it may be new to many, laser dentistry has shown to be successful and beneficial for your oral health. The benefits of laser dentistry surpass the basic services of traditional dentistry. Laser dentistry can even help reduce sensitivity in a tooth and help reshape your gums.

Who doesn’t want a beautiful and healthy smile that will give them a reason to smile? Maintaining the health of your mouth is not only for appearance purposes but for your overall medical health.

It has been proven that many individuals with certain health conditions like diabetes benefit from extra dental visits and cleanings. Improve your health by visiting your dentist in Los Angeles today. At New Image Dental we are determined to make your mouth healthier and more visibly appealing.

Why Laser Dentistry Instead of Traditional Dentistry?

Laser dentistry does not only have the benefits of the basic services that are offered through traditional dentistry, but a number of factors prove that laser dentistry should be taken into consideration. Some of those factors include:

  • Accuracy and precision: With laser dentistry, our dentist will be able to perform the job with higher preciseness.
  • Reduces risk of infection: Laser treatment helps sterilize the gums.
  • Minimizes tissue damage: Because laser dentistry is precise and accurate, it reduces the chances of damaging tissue.
  • The ability to refrain from anesthesia: Some laser treatment procedures do not require the use of anesthesia.
  • Reduction in recovery time: Laser dentistry reduces the time you will spend recovering from a dental procedure. For example, if you proceed with traditional dentistry to remove a wisdom tooth, you may have your gums cut open to extract the tooth, while with laser dentistry, minimal bleeding will take place when compared to a gum being cut open. Clotting happens faster when laser is used, which is why the bleeding is reduced.

Laser Dentistry Will Have You Smiling

Not only does laser dentistry provide better clinical outcomes, but it also provides you with a better experience by reducing the pain you might feel, the time you will spend at the dentist’s office, and the period it will take for you to recover from the procedure that you plan on doing.
Los Angeles dental office is a local 5 star dental facility. We encourage our patients to come in regularly for check-ups – at least every six months.

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