What You Need to Know About Dental Insurance

There is no question that everybody needs routine visits to the dentist for healthy mouths and lifestyles.

The trickier issue is whether you need to purchase dental insurance to pay for regular cleanings and dental procedures.

The 7 important facts to consider when deciding if dental insurance is right for you and your loved ones.

1. Dental Insurance Will Cost You Money

Dental insurance works like standard health insurance. You’ll pay a premium and you will be responsible for a deductible when you visit a dentist.

2. Dental Insurance Does NOT Make Dental Visits Free

With most insurance plans, you’ll pay a co-pay to your dentist. Additionally, you are required to pay for most dental procedures.

For example, even though routine check-ups may be fully covered, you could be responsible for up to 20% of the cost or more for a filling.

3. You Need to Understand the “Class System” for Dental Work

Most dental insurance plans divide your charges into groups or classes.

The first class may cover items such as a cleaning or X-rays. These are often covered in full.

The next class includes minor dental work such as fillings or root canal. This class typically has 80% of the cost covered by insurance.

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Class III includes more complicated dental procedures such as crowns and bridges. Coverage of these medical bills range by insurance company, though many will only pay 50% of the cost.

Lastly, cosmetic dental work typically falls into a fourth class. Orthodontia and teeth whitening are often members of this class, and may not be covered by insurance.

If the company offers cosmetic coverage, you may only receive a small stipend to be used over the course of your lifetime.

4. Dental Insurance May Restrict Your Dental Treatment Options

dentist Los AngelesThough your dentist may provide you with options for how to treat an ailment, your insurance company could have other ideas.

Insurance companies often cite what they feel to be the necessary treatment for specific dental ailments. If you choose an option that is not suggested by the insurance company, you are responsible for paying some or all of the bill.

5. Selecting a Plan Requires Time and Research

Dental insurance plans vary greatly by provider in the same way medical plans differ. For example, some plans cover dependents, others may only cover children.

Some plans function by reimbursing you for the dental bills. Take the time to carefully review the information as the cheapest plan may not be your best option.

6. Your Dentist May Not Be in Network

Dental insurance companies limit provider options the same way medical plans do. Before you select a plan, make sure your dentist is within their network.

7. Your Dentist is a Great Source of Insurance Information

Perhaps the best method for choosing a dental plan is to consult the dentists at your Los Angeles dental office of New Image Dental.

Talk to our staff for tips and lists of insurance companies which offer the plans which are most beneficial to patients. This helps you eliminate options and keeps you with your preferred provider.

Some dental offices offer reduced rate dental packages that are even cheaper than insurance options.

At our Los Angeles dental office, we offer many options including iCare and CareCredit to reduce costs.

New Image Dental also offers package deals; including one for new patients.

Our office is a local Los Angeles dentist. We encourage our patients to come in regularly (every 6 months) for check-ups.

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