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Sensitive Teeth: What’s going on?! Is it fixable?

by Dentist Inglewood

If you have sensitive teeth, it is likely that there is a dental-related issue. If one of your teeth suddenly becomes sensitive or painful, then you must visit your dentist in Los Angeles to find out what is causing the problem.

The best way to treat sensitive teeth very much depends on what it is that is causing the problem.

Common causes of sensitive teeth

Sensitive Teeth dentist in Inglewood, CAOne of the most common causes of sensitive teeth is worn tooth enamel. This can occur because of general wear and tear to the teeth, caused by sugar, acid, and friction.

Poor dental hygiene may also result in exposed roots, which can make your teeth feel particularly sensitive. Physical trauma, such as a crack, chip, or another type of break can also result in sensitive teeth.

You may also notice that your teeth feel particularly sensitive after bleaching.

Potential treatments for sensitive teeth

Once our dentist has talked to you about the cause of your sensitive teeth, we will be able to work with you to come up with the best solution. Here are some of the options which are available.

Desensitizing Toothpaste

This toothpaste is designed for people with sensitive teeth. Although it may not help to treat the cause of the problem, it can make the nerves less sensitive, so that you can block out the pain and discomfort which is caused by sensitive teeth.

Some desensitizing toothpaste is available over the counter.

Bonding or Desensitizing Treatments

Your teeth can also be desensitized with a formal dental treatment, such as the application of bonding resin to a root surface that is sensitive.

You may need to have a local anesthetic to undergo this non-invasive type of dental surgery.


Using fluoride can help to strengthen your tooth enamel backup and can contribute to reducing the pain.

Surgical Gum Grafting

If the pain is due to lost gum tissue around the root, a surgeon may be able to take gum tissue from a healthier place in your mouth and attach it to the affected area.

This can help to protect the exposed roots which are causing you pain.

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