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Mini Dental Implants

The mini dental implant procedure is a less invasive process than traditional dental implants, but it is still an effective method of tooth restoration. Mini dental implants are constructed of biocompatible, durable titanium that does not decay or deteriorate over time.

Getting a mini dental implant can even prevent further bone loss if you’ve lost bone around the jaw and gums due to periodontal disease. Healing time is quick, and the procedure involves very little, if any, discomfort. Mini dental implants are easy to care for, just like natural teeth, and can help restore your ability to eat the foods you love as well as confidence in your smile.

When Are Mini Dental Implants a Good Option?

Mini dental implants can be used in just about any situation that would benefit from regular dental implants, but they are especially beneficial for those who have small teeth or for a tooth restoration that involves a narrow space. Mini dental implants can be used to support dental bridges, dentures, or just a tooth crown, and are especially useful for replacing the front teeth.

Mini dental implants can also work well for patients with loss of jaw bone because, since they are smaller than traditional implants, they do not fuse to the bone and do not go as deeply into the jaw. This means that if a patient already has bone loss, a bone graft will not be necessary to do this type of implant.

Mini Dental Implants vs Traditional Dental Implants

Since mini dental implants are smaller (about half the size) than traditional dental implants, there’s no need for incisions or surgical flaps into the gum or for sutures. Usually, the entire procedure can be completed in only one dental visit. The mini implant, unlike the traditional implant, is made up of one solid piece that is embedded into the bone.

On the outer end is a ball and socket that will attach to the new tooth. Only a local anesthetic is used, and you can go home with your new tooth the same day, as the procedure takes about an hour. Prior to the procedure, you will have a consultation with your dentist to discuss what will be done and how to care for the implant and tooth once it is completed. T

he cost of the mini dental implant procedure is less than that of a traditional dental implant, which is another great bonus.

Post-Mini Implant Procedure

Once the procedure is completed, you’ll be able to go home and rest. You will simply leave it alone for the night. There may be some mild discomfort that is usually relieved with Tylenol or Ibuprofen. All foods that are hard or sticky should be avoided and you can begin eating again with soft foods or liquids. If you have a removable denture, you should remove this daily and then clean around it with a Q tip or cotton swab and then brush gently.

The mouth should also be rinsed with mouthwash. When the tenderness from the procedure subsides, you can resume brushing and flossing as usual. The mini dental implant procedure is around 95% effective, so with the right care and with avoiding smoking, excessive alcohol, or other foods and beverages that are caustic to the teeth, your new mini implant will last for many years.

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