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Tooth recontouring and polishing the edges of the front teeth can dramatically improve one’s smile. This procedure is fast, painless, and inexpensive. The results are immediate, dramatic, and long-lasting.

Ultimately, not every concern with a smile involves oral health. A tooth can be healthy, but still stained, chipped, or even broken. Tooth contouring allows us to restore and repair teeth easily. A New Image Dental dentist can use this cosmetic dental procedure to improve his patient’s smile with little to no anesthesia at all. Patients feel minimal to no pain at all during this procedure.

This quick-fix can be done in just one visit to a dental office. Dental bonding and contouring can treat many issues that cause smile concerns for patients including chips, cracks, breaks, stains, or misshapen teeth.

How it works

When you have minor flaws in your smile that you want to conceal, tooth contouring is the answer. Composite resin (the same material used for tooth-colored fillings) is applied to the tooth or teeth being treated. A special UV light is used to harden the material so that it lasts.

Layers of this resin are applied until the patient is satisfied with the results. This resin can help to mask gaps in the teeth as well as stains. It also can reshape a tooth or even lengthen it. Tooth contouring is great for patients with minor cosmetic issues and who don’t need any alignment changes that Invisalign or veneers would be better suited for.

How to care for contoured teeth

Once this resin is applied, avoid food or beverages that can stain the teeth including coffee, tea, or red wine for at least 48 hours after treatment. The bonding material can chip or stain, so avoid chewing on any hard objects. An efficient at-home oral hygiene routine allows your teeth to keep looking and feeling their best.

Regular dental exams and routine dental cleanings are important to maintain your oral health. During a regular exam, our cosmetic dentist can determine whether tooth contouring would benefit your oral health situation.


1. How long do my results last? You can expect your contouring results to last from three to 10 years. This will depend on your oral hygiene routine as your contoured or bonded teeth should be cared for with daily brushing and flossing.
2. Does contouring take more than one visit? Tooth contouring can be done in just one visit.
3. Is contouring good for your teeth? Contouring does not damage your teeth as it reshapes your teeth and removes any grooves or pits on the surface of the teeth.
4. Will insurance cover my contouring? If it is deemed medically necessary and can improve your oral health, then your insurance provider may cover tooth contouring.

Ultimately, tooth contouring is a great way to enhance your smile. There are no nerves in the enamel of your tooth so this procedure is pain-free.

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