Laser dentistry is the new leading practice in treating patients with more precision and less pain. With lasers, dentists can perform a broader range of procedures in a shorter amount of time.

Laser Dentistry in Los Angeles

inglewood laser dentalLaser dentistry is FDA approved and has less damaging effects than many of the other treatments offered by dentists in Los Angeles. Safe for both kids and adults, laser dentistry minimizes anesthesia, bleeding, discomfort, pain, anxiety, bacterial infections and recovery time.

Post-operative experiences after laser dentistry are smoother than other types of procedures. Because lasers cause far less bleeding than scalpels or other instruments, the site of your surgery will bleed less.

Pain Free Laser Dentistry

Patients don’t have any open, bleeding wounds like those done with a scalpel procedure. Although cleaning and care instructions after the dental laser procedures are in place, patients are much less likely to get an infection after. Dental patients also don’t typically experience the pain and discomfort associated with scalpel surgery because of minor postoperative irritation. With laser treatment, the tissue regenerates faster and because the process is minimally invasive, gums heal with minimal use of sutures and stitches.

Each treatment uses a different wavelength of light to most efficiently and safely complete the procedure.

Carbon dioxide lasers and diode lasers are the most common types and are most often used to treat problems with soft tissue. After taking X-rays and completing a thorough examination, your dentist at New Image Dental will decide which type of laser is best to use for your specific dental treatment.

Because the laser beam is extremely bright, special glasses are required and provided to protect your eyes during the dental laser procedure.

Dental Laser Methods

Our dentist will then direct the beam at the affected area and carefully treat the issue. Laser procedures take much less time than the usual methods to treat various gum disease, tooth decay, and other various dental problems and help reduce and prevent anxiety and discomfort in patients.zoom and laser teeth cleaning los angeles

A common concern of laser dentistry is that it can sometimes turn out to be more expensive, but the advantages and quicker recovery of the treatment will outweigh the slight increase in price.

Laser Dental Treatment

Laser dentistry used for many different types of treatments:

  • Before oral surgery, laser dentistry is implemented to disinfect and kill bacteria around the surgical site. Laser procedure will replace any need to drill into the area and prevents dentists from administering anesthesia to patients. The lasers reduce the risk of cross-contamination within the mouth during treatments which help boost the immune system and improve health overall.
  • Laser treatment can reshape oral tissue to form a more attractive smile and can also remove tooth decay.
  • To improve speech and eating habits in both infants and adults, laser treatment can untie the tongue and decrease discomfort in patients.
  • To remove lesions and relieve the pain of canker sores.
  • To remove benign tumors in the mouth.
  • To biopsy, or extract and examine, soft tissue areas with absolute speed and accuracy, simplifying the process to be less painful.
  • Help exposes wisdom teeth and makes it into a painless procedure.
  • Teeth whitening. Lasers are used to speed up the process and cause less pain or discomfort of teeth whitening. When applying the peroxide bleach solution to the surface, lasers speed up the process by helping activate the solution.
  • To remove throat tissue that causes sleep apnea
  • To regenerate damaged nerves in the mouth.

Gum Disease

One of the most common uses of laser dentistry today is to treat Gum Disease. Gum disease is the inflammation of the gum that can eventually develop and begin to affect the bone that surrounds and supports teeth. There are three stages of gum disease, ranging from least to most severe: gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis.

Gum Disease has many causes including poor oral hygiene, smoking, chronic illnesses, certain medications, and genetic susceptibility. Gum Disease affects many patients in their 30s and 40s but can happen to anyone in any age group. We see many examples of this in our dental practice in Inglewood.

If you have Gum Disease, your dentist can use lasers to access and remove inflamed gum tissue around the root of the tooth. After the infected tissue removal, the dentist will scrape off the calculus and plaque that has formed below your gum line and will smooth out the root and remove any rough spots that might further invite bacteria and cause future infections.

The area between the gum and the root can then regenerate and will soon heal. There are many benefits to using Laser treatment for Gum Disease.

Sedation Dentist Option

Most of the time there is no need for general anesthetic and yet our office offers a sedation option. Lasers can target the diseased areas accurately, recovery and healing times are significantly shorter, and because periodontal laser therapy is less invasive than regular surgery procedures, bleeding, pain and inflammation kept to a minimum.

With the different types of treatments, laser dentistry is both flexible and beneficial in the treatment it provides. Not sure if its right for you? Contact our office for a consultation.

If you consider yourself to be anxious or nervous when visiting the dentist pain-free are seeking a pain-free sedation dentist contact New Image Dental in Inglewood.