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What Makes You Prone to Cavities?

Millions of Americans are prone to cavities despite taking good care of their teeth. Even with the best oral care, your genes and other factors increase your susceptibility to cavities. Here are 5 criteria that can make you more likely to get cavities that are independent of your dental hygiene: 1. The Shape of Your […]

Gum Recontouring and Reshaping

Gum Recontouring and Reshaping is about health and a great smile. A great and healthy smile is not just about having beautiful teeth; your gums are vital to your look and health. Excessive tissue in the mouth can create a “gummy smile”, which may cause that person to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable about their appearance. […]

Types of Sleep Dentistry

Terrified at the thought of the dentist chair? You are not alone. Millions of Americans experience anxiety and panic at the thought of a dental exam. Fortunately, sleep dentistry exists to soothe patients through many types of procedures. Types of Sleep Dentistry Dental procedures range from short, simpler procedures like a tooth extraction to more […]